Karl Williams is an aspiring and talented professional artist, with a great passion for tattooing. While being a native to Dubuque, and always interested in art, he started to pursue a career in tattooing in 2008. Karl strives to create and tattoo custom pieces, which encourages a very positive experience for the clients. This allows Karl to exercise creativity and grow a vast repertoire of original art work. He enjoys working with many mediums aside from tattooing, including acrylics, water colors, oil paints, charcoal, color pencils, and graphite. The variety of mediums practiced, enables him to develop as a well-rounded artist.
   Karl has experience with many tattoo styles, such as traditional Japanese, bio-mechanical, and black & gray. Though, he makes a constant effort to specialize in all tattoo styles. “I believe you can never stop growing and increasing your skills as an artist. Inactivity leads to laziness in ones art. Therefore, I strive to actively seek out any and all opportunities to better myself and my skills as a tattoo artist.”

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